Here's what's up at Organic Armor - Saturday, July 23, 2016:
New website in process! That means this (old) site has missing pictures and navigation issues. We are also having email delays. But it's going to be super beautiful SOON so if you can't find something, please check back in a day or two!


Spring Tiptoes In

Cleopatra headdress based on the one worn by Liz Taylor in the 1963 film It's trying to be spring here in the north part of the southern US, in the east part of North America. Fits and starts. A few 70 degree days, another icy blast of snow. But the dafodills are out [...]

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Fae Magazine & New Listings

We have been featured in a two-page spread in a beautiful magazine - Fae (Faeries & Enchantment), published in Cornwall, UK. The photos were taken by Kristin Berwald of Bionic Unicorn. She is a talented jewelry designer,  photographer, and a big fan of Organic Armor. The models were Penny Dreadful, Cristina Peterson and Kristin herself. [...]

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Morrigan: Fierce & Beautiful

She's an Irish Goddess of the battlefield,  a shape shifter sometimes seen as a black feathered carrion feeder, sometimes as a beautiful lady in red. Our customer, an Australian dancer describes The Morrigan this way "She is sensuous yet stripped down, an ancient archetypal image that evokes the traveller of other realms and [...]

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New Goodies in the Shop

We’re back from the wet and wild lands of New York. The Faerie Festival was full of sparkley good fun (although some of the sparkles were raindrops). It was good to see old friends and make new ones, hear the Slambovian Circus again, and share our wares. We made tons of new inventory [...]

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Baby Faces , Skulls and Fairies

I love our customers. They are some of the most creative and unusual folks in the world. We just finished a pair of crowns for two women going to a Haunters Convention. They had this very original idea for a set of characters - twin ghost sisters of the 17th century that cannibalized all of [...]

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Sphinx Headdress & Festival of Legends

The Festival of Legends is a sweet, renaissance flavored, fairy inspired faire in Chapel Hill, NC. In it's second year, it's developing a strong fan base. We were unable to attend personally, but our dear Allegra Torres, aka The Chainmail Chick, brough a few of our wares along to show off in her [...]

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DIY Halloween: the series

Two years ago I gathered a wide variety of tutorials together for a month of blog posts about DIY Halloween costumes, from burlesque to zombies, Star Wars to steampunk.  I recently realized that they are not so easy to search on the site so I've gathered all the links together in this post. [...]

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NY Fairies

We just spent a delightful four days in the woods of New York state, vending at the New York Fairie Festival. Saw many old friends from the Spoutwood Fairy Fest, including Molly Stanton of Elven Elysium, Larry of Fantasy Guilde, Dorita and David of Reyen Designs, Robert of Goblin Road (nice ears), and [...]

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Green Woman Vest

We've been working on a custom Greenwoman vest, based on the Greenman tail coat that Paul made about 6 years ago for Burning Man 2007. Our customer, Emily, is a LARPer from the UK. We've developed many new techniques since 2007 and Paul was able to create the new version with many refinements. He made [...]

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We had a wonderful time at the fairy festival in Pennsylvania. So good to see old friends there and show off all the new goodies. Despite some rainy weather we did well. We got some wonderful photos of lovely people wearing our armor. Here are a couple, and I'll be posting more in the 2011 [...]

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